Plans for a Happy Old Age
Iíll bake bread with pear-drops and marshmallows in it,
leaving the kitchen in a mess  
whilst I eat it all.
Iíll concoct a perfect glass of PiŮa colada
pull up an old striped deck-chair,  
and fall asleep in front of the fire.
Iíll climb all the trees that line my street - if my bones will hold up,  
in the dusk, when the sky is pink and delicious
like warm trifle.
When people ask Ďhow are you?í not
really caring about my answer,  
Iíll shout at them, ĎIím quite mad, thank you for asking.í
Iíll skip down the lane towards the beach
dodging cracks in pavements, if I feel inclined.  
Then when I reach the end
Iíll stay still for awhile and watch the moon  
slide gracefully behind clouds, then Iíll reach up  
and disappear with it, into the darkness.

Andrea Bowd

If you have any thoughts on this poem,  Andrea Bowd 
would be pleased to hear them.