Toasting a Curmudgeon

Let's raise an effervescent flute of cheer -
May sips of tipples squish your snippy ways,
The jubilance of bubbles snuff your sneer
And sparkle zap your snarkiest of days.

I wish you jugs of giggle-ripe delights
To swig on every sourpuss afternoon
The dizziest of fizzy-fuzzy nights
And buzzy guzzles neath a dazzled moon.

May tawny nectar lift your grimmest glower
With mellow musings followed by a snooze,
And as you nap may Bacchus flex his power
To smooth all bruising moods with juicy brews.

Bottoms up! Chin-chin! Hic-hic hooray!
Pray crack a smile before my legs give way.

Susan Jarvis Bryant

If you have any thoughts about this poem, Susan Jarvis Bryant  would be pleased to hear them