The story so far:

The young and beautiful Persephone has been abducted by Hades, monarch of the Underworld, and is now a prisoner in his grim domain beneath the earth. Hades knows that if she accepts his hospitality, she will fall into his power. So he sets about persuading her...

Won't you try a little dinner?
Don't just sit there in a mood
Getting grumpier and thinner
When you could be eating food.
May I press you to a jelly?
Can't I offer you a sweet?
Let me cheer your little belly
With Stilton ripe and smelly.
It could make your life complete.

May I treat you to a turkey
Or a crumpet or a crab?
May I serve you with beef jerky,
Or a plate of shish kebab?
Let me ply you with a pigeon,
Let me tempt you with a teal,
Or some walrus or a widgeon,
Some salmon or a smidgeon
Of this fricassee of seal.

They're here at your request,
The richest gourmet dishes.
The finest and best
They're so delicious, be my guest.

May I thrill you with a chicken?
May I smother you with cheese?
Could I make your senses quicken
With a plate of mushy peas?
Let me zap you with zucchini.
Won't you try a pie and chips?
Some lobster or linguini,
Or just these teeny-weeny
Little pomegranate pips?

Oh madam, do request
The richest gourmet dishes
The finest and best.
They're so delicious, be my guest.

Let me cover you with custard -
Try this camembert with jam.
Let me spice your life with mustard.
Have a slice of honeyed ham.
Why not feed on fettucine?
Take your choice of cheesey dips,
But do try these teeny-weeny
(They're so nouvelle-cuisiney)
Little pomegranate pips.

The Food Song is from Perspephone, a cantata for young voices.
Words by George Simmers. Music by Steve Pogson.
Published by Boosey and Hawkes, London.