~atheist grace~

let us thank our judicious cooks
this is not manna
for it comes unwillingly to our table
torn from vines uprooted slaughtered
god's grace provides little seasoning

understand the cannibal christian
magnanimous christ gave flesh
and blood as sustenance
died violently as food for thought
and cows know fear when their skulls are cracked

perhaps we are a special breed of cattle
to sacrifice ourselves to gods
so they can eat souls without guilt
but this poet will be a bitter taste
in their gluttonous mouths

blessed are we that eat and are not yet eaten
let us bow our heads and feel guilt
which entities now lifeless never felt
nor gods admit to in their havens
and more vanity still let us apologize

whereas this turkey was never vindicated to the worm
and the worm never exonerates itself to us
be satisfied yourselves as i will
that to flesh or plant or even minerals
i can apologize because i am

a man

Bruce Bentzman

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