June is bustin' out all over, as the great Oscar Hammerstein one remarked,  and this year the month brings greater gifts than ever, because it is Snakeskin's rhyme month, an opportunity for the celebration of all things rhyming.
There's no editorial as such for this rhyme issue, but you might care to take a look at my blog post on the subject of rhyme.
Alternatively, you might look at the Essay on Rhyme I composed many years ago.

Next month we'll be back to normal, and non-rhyming contributions will no longer be tidied away into a cupboard. Send us poems, of whatever style or subject. If we like them enough, we'll publish them.


A reminder:
 For those who don't get how Snakeskin works - each number of the zine is made up of the contributions sent in during the previous month. We rarely keep poems over to the next issue (and if we do, we let you know about it. We know that there are magazines out there - especially print ones - which take pride in building up a backlog, and keeping poets dangling for months wondering whether they'll be accepted or not. We don't do that. We tell you which month you'll be considered for - and then you're either in it or you're not.

We try to notify poets whose work has not been selected, but in some months this requires major effort, and life can get in the way. There's a huge number of rejection notes to be sent this month, but we'll try to get them out within a few days. And we'll try to be positive, where we can.

Send those contributions (in the body of an email, please, not as attachments ) to editor@snakeskin.org.uk.


For details of the editor's collection, Old and Bookish, please click on the cover picture below.

old and bookish

Two blog posts may be of interest to potential contributors to Snakeskin .
The first, on "How Snakeskin Works", explains the simple procedure by which contributions are selected for a month's issue.

The second, called "Don't" offers some tips to novice poets, detailing a few of the things that might make an editor take against your work.

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