Snakeskin 111
Guest editor
Jessy Randall

Libraries -
a special issue

One Million Delinquents. Artwork by Giselle Restrepo.
A gallery of her library artwork can be found here.

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Rachel Dacus
Tunneling in the Library

Katie Dawson
The Library of Erutan

Michael Estabrook
a space not crowded

Anna Evans

Charles Kang
Special Collections Room, San Francisco Main Library

Tim Love
Inter-Library Love

Scott Malby
My Mental Librarian

Sandra McNew
The Wooden Library

Daniel M. Shapiro
Kristin's childhood library

Cheryl Snell

John Speer
Losing Marcuse

Christopher Woods
Books in a Box

Fighting Words II
Should we burn the books?

Bentzman's Soliloquy 86.