The Alphabet Issue
Guest-edited by
Jessy Randall

Snakeskin 121
February 2006

A Note from the Guest Editor

A - James Corry, A Soliloquy of A
B - J.D. Heskin, A and B
C - Larry Lefkowitz, Cum Laudeus C
D - Steven D. Schroeder, D-Words
E - Annette Cardullo, Not in Any Order
F - Lois B. Hayna, A Letter Long After
G - Pamela Jessen, Keys
H - H. H. Hill, H, the Eighth Wonder of
the Alphabet
I - Barry Southam, Found Poem -
The Poet Himself
J - Daniel M. Shapiro, J
K - Karl Elder, K
L - Annette Basalyga, L
M - Jessy Randall, M is for More
N - Fran Halamandaris, Going for the Gold
O - Sarah J. Sloat, Jackie O.
P - Karl Elder, P
Q - Nick Carter, Q
R - Anna Bendiksen, In Which Someone with
Synaesthesia Reveals All
S - Michael Dion, S
T - Amy Shuffelton, Thorn
U - Gary Blankenship, Upsilon
V - Jeff Harrison, Syllable Crypt
W - Gary Blankenship, Waw
X - Halvard Johnson, X
Y - Michael Dion, Y
Z - Barry Southam, You Say Zee and I Say Zed

A is for Artist

Bentzman's Soliloquy