Snakeskin 56 - July 2000

  The Rhyme Issue  
Carole Houlston

Peter Howard
Normal Now
(Shockwave Flash)

Leonard Kress
Rehearsing "The Flying Dutchman"

Last Poem

Andrew Belsey
Drowning in the Dardanelles

Martin Wilmot Bennett
Morning After

Jill Williams
Monkey by a Restaurant in Mexico

Helena Nelson
Ironing Day

Claire Brucker
Two Painting Theories

Rik George
Morning Glories
Vilanelle : The Silver God

Adrian Hall
Night Walk

Ernest Slyman
"God bless her soul..."

Our lazy editor hasn't produced an editorial on the subject of rhyme, but refers you to one he wrote earlier:
An Essay on Rhyme

plus Bruce Bentzman's Suburban Soliloquy #31

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