July 2001 - Number 68

Wendy Videlock
Seven Books of Salamanders

Sam Brenton
Remember When We Were Young And

David Starkey
Villanelle Overheard in a Glasgow Pub

Helena Nelson and
Andrew Marvell
Overheard in the "Coy Mistress"

Jessy Randall
This Body/This Baby
Four Blank-Page Poems

L. Fullington
A Hypothetical Consequence

Marco Scarola
Amber? Necked 'er!

Yermiyahu Ahron Taub
East Central European Paradigms

Nicolette Turner

Jim Bennett

Richard Soref
The Cutting Edge

John Cornwall
I Was Born One Day

Annette Marie Hyder
Gordian Knot
The 19th Floor

Bruce Bentzman's Suburban Soliloquy #43

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