January 2002
Number 74

Snakeskin is back - seriously belated for the first time in its six-year history. Apologies to poets and to readers.

What exactly happened to keep us offline? Well, first there were some farcical confusions with service providers, and then impenetrable mysteries occurred within the FTP process. All this happened over the holiday season, so solutions were porridge-slow in arriving - all immensely tedious, but completely sorted now.

Let's cheer ourselves up with a January mini-issue, mostly on a lighter note.

George Simmers

Helena Nelson
The Professional Engineer-Poet
Coming Unstuck Blues
The Amazing Adventures of Alphabetsy

Graeme Bes-Green
Sherlock's Day Out
Spaghetti Restroom
Daddy's Auditorium

Tom Watson
Food for Thought
Climb Every Mountain

John Birkbeck
Horn Blowin' Blues

Bentzman's Soliloquy Number 49

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