General Editor: George Simmers

February 2002
Number 75

Jessy Randall's
Motherhood Issue

Svea Barrett-Tarleton

Problem Children
Michelle Cameron

A Child Is Not Like a Poem
Wilma Weant Dague

Mismatched Mothers, Misplaced Sons
Richard Fein

My Baby Fell Apart
Annie Finch

Walking Targets
Scott Poole

Some Afternoons When Nobody Was Fighting
Lyn Lifshin

Party Girl Bites Guest
Carol Potter

'Still No Children?'
Susan Richardson

Kissing Baby John
Leonora Smith

Kelley White

My Mother's Lists
David Wright

Bruce Bentzman's Soliloquy Number 50

A special issue on the theme of
Mothers and Motherhood
guest-edited by
Jessy Randall

Special artwork for this issue by Giselle Restrepo

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