March 2003
Number 88

Joanna Quinn
Over Tapas She Said

Alison Brackenbury
Which One?
Letters Page

Sarah Willans
A Sonnet for Jake

Tia Ballantine
What is Decent
Eve and the Archangel in Paradise

Srinjay Chakravarti
The Gecko's Tongue

Helena Nelson
Deafened by Birds
Weather Manners

Jason Daniel Smith
The Flop

Reiterant History

Geertjan Wielenga
Kissing Clouds

Trevor Landers
The Mathematics of Absence

Ben Truesdale
The Horse Chestnut Spring


Simmersong No.3

Bruce Bentzman's Suburban Soliloquy No 63

The image on this page is a detail from Arab Merchants
by William James Muller
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