The Water Flows to You

January 23, 1996

Do not worry about life tonight.
Let a long hot shower guide you to the memories
That warm your body, and awaken passions.
Let the water take its time on you.
Close your eyes and let it flow across your skin,
Its touch upon you, its kiss upon you.
To your hair, your face, your cheeks, your lips,
To your neck, to your shoulder, to your breasts.
The water finds you soft and comforting,
It wants to flow on you more and more,
And it finds its way to all of you,
Stroking its way down,
like a tongue gently painting passion on you,
The passions of love
The water wants this closeness, 
It needs this closeness,
And it responds to your touch
As your fingers wash over your body.
The water knows that in this moment,
You and it are one,
Mixing its moisture with yours,
It goes to where only one
So intimate would go,
And it knows that you want it there, 
As you invite it to your body, 
Invite it to you,
To warm you, to fill you, to caress you.
To be there with you when you need
Both peace and love.
When you need to give love,
When you need to feel love,
When you need love to be around you
And through you fully,
Steaming into your body.
You let yourself be naked there,
Just you, body, thought and soul.
Everything that is or matters,
All that really is.
Not exposed, not vulnerable, 
But safe and cared for
And warmed with love,
Just you and the water
In this intimate respite.
Let the water flow tonight,
Feel it upon you and within you.
Let it trickle let it steam let it 
Take your mind let it rush upon you,
And carry you,
To the memories you hope for. 

Chris Cobourn

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