Penny's Inbox
To: Penny
From: Stan
Subject: Re:United?
Hello. Tonight I logged on to that site,
Friends Reunited, though don't ask me why -
Nostalgia's frankly not a pastime I
Indulge in much these days - but still, tonight,
I clicked my mouse, and found a list of names
That brought such faces back. Tyke Wells, and Rich,
And Froggy Tench, and Jenny (still a bitch?)
And Weasel, who like me was crap at games,
And Stu, and Jess with the amazing chest,
And Thunderfarts DeVille, Bananas Coke,
And Jas who never understood a joke,
And thirty more, but there among the rest,
Amazingly, was your name too, and so
I thought I'd write and say like - well - hello.


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