Stan's Inbox
To: Stan
From: Penny
Subject: Re:Re:United?
  Good God, it's Stan. You've got a bloody cheek.
You saw me on the underground last week.
YOU KNOW YOU DID. I certainly saw you.
I waved. I shouted. And - what did you do?
Ignored me. God, you actually pretended
you hadn't heard, and yes, I am offended.
I thought by now you'd pass the time of day
without hard feelings. Life goes on its way
and I've forgiven most of what you did.
Not all. The matter of the kid,
the stolen car, the fifty thousand quid,
the clothes you nicked (they all belonged to Sid)--
some things go deep. No use to represent
your teenage past as somehow innocent.
You were a crook. You probably still are.
So stick to 'reunited' from afar.
Email Froggy. Send your love to Jenny
but not to me. Piss off. Yours ever - Penny.