Mad Libs

Is there a way I can express it
so you know I truly ( verb ) you?
I want it to mean everything:
an emotion, a noun, or even an adjective,
and not just another meaningless phrase.
Every relationship pretty much starts the same,
not knowing what you’re going to say, or
how you’re going to keep the conversation going.
Adding in a word that might not fit
may accidentaly complicate things.
Any word can fit in the ____ of a sentence;
It’s your job to fill in the ____ correctly.
How would you know what word to use –
An emotion, a verb, or even an adjective?
The word should come straight from the heart.
Throwing out a word just to fill in the ____ doesn't work;
it needs to be able to make sense to the reader.
If you use the wrong word in the sentence,
your mad lib may not come out right,
always wanting it to mean something special,
wanting more ( noun ) in a relationship.
It’s really not all that simple.
That’s why relationships sizzle out:
They can’t keep the ( noun ) alive.
Maybe they should think a little harder
and be expressive throughout their mad libs.

Caitlin Sinclair

Caitlin Sinclair is sixteen years old and loves to put puzzles together with her best friend. She also loves to play the Sims 2 computer game.

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