Snakeskin is three years old this month, and we're celebrating this (for a monthly zine on the Web) quite unusual longevity by beginning a new publishing venture.

For a Poet's Wunderkammer by L.Fullington is the first of what we hope will become a regular series of e-chapbooks. A selection of her poems (many of which have appeared in Snakeskin over the past two years) have been collected into a word-processor file that the reader can download, and then print off at leisure.

It is an attempt to give Snakeskin poets a more permanent format than that afforded by pixels on a screen. We would welcome comments on the venture. Is this a project that you will find useful? Are poems easier to read on paper than on the screen. Let us know.

L. Fullington is an American poet whose crisp and generally calm poems of ironic observation have been a regular feature of our magazine for the past two years. Less flashy than some poets, she has maintained a quality of writing that is particularly impressive when her work is collected.

Download For a Poet's Wunderkammer

If you've any comments on her work, L.Fullington would be pleased to hear from you.

If you've any comments on the e-chapbook idea, or if you have any technical problems with the file, please contact the editor.