Songs for an impossible musical #3

Melanie huddles alone in her flat, and begins to sing:

Melanie's Song

The usual junk-mail hits the mat.
A dullness echoes round the flat.
I'm alone and that is that
On a normal day.

There's things to do and bills to pay
But nothing will occur today
And there is nothing much to say
On a normal day.

  But far away a general stoops
Above a table laid with maps,
Deciding where to place his troops.
So many soon will die perhaps
So far away.

A rifle makes a man complete.
The soldier weighs it in his hand.
He damns the desert, damns the heat
And stares across the empty sand
So far away.

And so I switch on the TV
And prosy voices bring to me
The dirtiness of History
On a normal day.

  Above the oilfields rich and thick
Live families who cannot read
But know that fear can make you sick
And know that weapons make you bleed
On a normal day.

George Simmers

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