Snakeskin 286: July 2021

Diane Elayne Dees
Why I Didn't Retire Years Ago

Kate Meyer-Currey
Open Wide: Vagina Dentata
Silver Girl

Sue Spiers
Minnie with your Polka Dot Bow and Outsized Shoes
Madame Bonnard and her Dog

D.A. Prince
In the Gallery
One Day

Raymond Miller
Nineteen Eighty-Five

Seth Crook
In the Tadpole News Today
Francois Villon
Villon's Epitaph

Annie Fisher
A Few Favourite Things
Porcelain Ghosts

Tim Murphy
Not Unheard

Bob Cooper
This begins at the bus stop...

Polly Walshe
Spaghetti Junction

Robin Helweg-Larsen
Here Come the Old Gods

Harmke van Dijk
Farewell to Ithaca
Tom Vaughan
Desert Island Discs

Laurence Morris
Someone has my Philip Larkin
Postcard, I presume

Tony Daly
Enjoying a Moment

Levi Wagenmaker


Jack Galmitz

Annie Kissack

Much Remains Unanswered
Upper Circle

Jerome Betts
Two Limericks

Bruce Bentzman

sits on a bench.

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