Snakeskin 292: January 2022


Chad Trevitte
The Auditory Imagination

Alison Brackenbury
The Oldest Tree in Mercombe Wood
St Mary's Church, Patshull (redundant)
The Woods of Bohemia

Jean Kreiling
The Birds

Tom Vaughan
Maiden Aunts
L'Esprit d'Escalier
English Lesson

David Callin
A Young Giraffe

D.A. Prince
The Seven Ages of an MP

Duncan Gillies MacLaurin
Soon to be Sixty

Cameron Clark

Portrait of my Grandfather as Cerberus

Edmund Prestwich
Light on Skye

Valerie Livina

John F.B. Tucker
The Ladder to the Hayloft

Raymond Miller

John Short
The Urinating Dog

Julia Griffin
The Custom of the Country

Diane Martin
Piazza Ognissanti

David Stephenson
Oil Change

George Simmers
Another Three Old People

Alex Steelsmith
Kant and Hegel

Bruce Bentzman
goes to the bus station

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