Snakeskin 294:  March 2022



Helena Nelson

Susan Jarvis Bryant
Paradise Tossed

Stephen Bone
Ruth Belville
Alex Steelsmith
Tempus Fugit

Tom Vaughan


Joe Crocker
Creation Myths

Richard Dinges
A Sculptor Ages
Alex Rettie
The Perfumer Royal’s Farewell

D A Prince
25 Years on East Midlands Trains

Annie Kissack
Last Minute

Seth Crook
Kant Sleep

John F B Tucker
A Fact on Time

Margot Myers
Carpe Diem

Lisa Bledsoe
Photograph with Beer Can Camera

Conor Kelly
Biding Time

Judith van Dijkhuizen
Falling in Love with Lewis Carroll

David Stephenson
Through the Splintered Door

Mark Rhoads
The 50th Anniversary of Our Wedding Photo

Peter Stewart Richards
The Way to Leave this Mortal Coil

John Wood
Tickery Tockery


Bruce Bentzman
would like to emulate Siddhatha

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