Snakeskin 295:  April 2022


Susan Jarvis Bryant
Ode to Spring

Marjorie Sadin
My Father

D A Prince
Training Exercise

Ceinwyn Haydon

Tom Vaughan
La Croix du Requer, Clis

Susan Wilson
Box Set
In a Meditative State

Sarah Wolbach

Terese Coe
It Came from Crypto

Robin Helweg-Larsen
Desire is the Last Domino to Fall

Fiona Sinclair
History Books
Synchronised Swimming

Susan Mclean
Three Brontė Triolets

Jane Pearn
At a Window

Raymond Miller
Promised Lands

Gareth Writer-Davies
And Now I Sit Here With You

Bethan Manley
Llwy Caru

Alex Steelsmith
A Loopy Invention

Yuanbing Zhan
Cherish the Memory of the Heaven

George Simmers
The Picture of Doreen Gradely

wife of bath

Elizabeth Horrocks
The Tabard Inn, 1390s

Jerome Betts
Charmed Giant

Mindy Watson
Third's the Charm

Bruce Bentzman
has a new binding

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