Snakeskin 297:  July2022


Nina Parmenter
Packed Ham
Her Indoors

John F.B. Tucker
The Local Train Line

Spying a Wild Deer in the Combe Field
To Redeem a Dream of Freedom
Mandy Macdonald
Wrong About the Nightjar

Estill Pollock

Susan Wilson
Joined-Up Writing
This is Not a Short Guide to Tightrope Walking

Martin Elster
Raptor Dance
Ballade of Urban Wildlife
By Waterloo Station

Tom Vaughan
Vauxhall Park

Susan Jarvis Bryant
Poetry's Mistress
Fly Me to the Moon

Ann Gibson
You Shouldn't Have
Keeping Mum

Stephen Bone
George Simmers

Felicity Teague
Sonnet of the Japanese Puffer Fish

David Galef
Two Classical Poems

Nolan Dannels
General Hospital Blues

Robin Helweg-Larsen

The Zeus Credit Card Company

Puffer fish
Bruce Bentzman
enjoys the rain

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