Snakeskin 300:  October 2022 


Sarah Wolbach
For the Love of Books

Julie Weiss
Snapshots of a 5am Training Session at Fashion Island Mall, Circa 1985

Donald Sellitti
Mr Watchmaker

Sue Spiers
A Dog's Life

Chris O'Carroll
Mortal Metre

Tom Vaughan
On the Birth of a Son

Mary Beth Hines
The Women in My Family

Talbot Hook
To the Lakehouse

Julia Griffin
In Memoriam

John Kitchen
The Scolds
an unknown history

Susan Wilson
My Victor Meldrew Moment

Rodney Wood
Pimples Can Bring Us All Together
Tristan Moss
After Losing my Dad

Eira Needham
Running on the Spectrum

Ed Blundell
Eye Conflict

David Whippman
Powered Flight

Pamela J. Jessen
The Pragmatist

Jane Blanchard

Bruce Bentzman
is sceptical

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