September 2008 - Number 147

Diana Brodie
What the Doctor Said
Change of View
The Axe

Paul Stevens
The Green Inn
To the Circle

Robin Helweg-Larsen
To Myself, in Fifty Years Time

Patrick Milan

Santiago del Dardano Turann
The Hawk

Wayne Carvosso

Taylor Graham
How things Work
L. Fullington
Prelude to Lunch...

Steve Klepetar
Missing In Action

Michael Lee Johnson
Cat Purrs

Chris Major
Botox Sonnet

and a poem by Hassan Abdulrazzak in memory of
Mahmoud Darwish

a new e-chapbook

The Gothic Poems

by Linda S. Crespi®

© Linda Sharon Crespi 2008

plus Bruce Bentzman's 122nd Suburban Soliloquy

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