January 2009 - Number 150

Dick Jones
An Hour in the Chapel Annexe

Alison Brackenbury
Of Nights
Resting My Leg
The Guide

Robin Helweg-Larsen

András Mezei
Christmas in Auschwitz

L. Fullington
Interdependence 2009

John McGlade
Why the Long Coat?
Donal Mahoney
On Emigrating to Iceland
So Fingertips Kiss
Caseworker's Lament

Frank Hubeny
Victim Burial

Emmanuel Japka
A Time for You &
a Time for ME

David Francis
The Devil's Song
Aesthetic Manners

Chris Major
The Holy Land

This month's E-Chapbook:


A Life in Flashbacks

George Simmers

plus Bruce Bentzman's 125th Suburban Soliloquy

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