September 2009 - Number 157

Wendy Pratt
Cheek Bones
Negative Space

Brett Evans

Adrienne J. Odasso
Moving Shakespeare's Bones

Hassan Abdulrazzak
Up the Garden Path
End of the Party

L. Fullington
Evolution Comes to its Senses

Thomas Land
Two Holocaust Poems
(Translated from the Hungarian)

Fiona Sinclair
The Bungalow's
Secret Past

Material Girls

Veronica Milvus
Lies my Mother Told Me
Miracle for the
Middle Classes

Sins of Omission

Robin Helweg-Larsen
Diatribe against
Unversed Poets

When Dreams Dry Up

Chris Major

and an e-chapbook of
George Simmers's
Plinth Poem

plus Bruce Bentzman's 132nd Suburban Soliloquy

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