Picture: Smorgasborg
 by Mark Fischer

February 2011 - Number 173

The Food Issue

Guest-edited by Jessy Randall

The Bill of Fare

Amuse Bouche

Onion by David Weinstock


The Bottle Clock by Jane Hilberry

Costa’s by David Hopes


Love Lesson While the Limpa Rises for 14 Hours
by Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer

and Side Dishes

Brother, Potato by Kristine Aman

Lentils by Abigail Schott-Rosenfield

Love Poem to a Navel Orange by Carol Berg

Main Dishes

Sushi Circle, a counting poem by Sarah Sloat

Legacy by James Engelhardt

Lunch/Time by Dan Raphael

Tofu Supreme by Jesse Minkert

Turducken by Valerie Loveland


Birthday Cake by Molly Tenenbaum

Grandma Vertie’s Favorite Recipe by Carman Curton

Like Cherry Pie Made with Nutrasweet by Jennifer Gresham

Fat Cat and the Lure of Ice Cream by Cheri L. Miller

and Bruce Bentzman, no longer suburban, offers his first essay From the Night Factory

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