August/September 2011 - Number 179
...a double issue, so chock-full of poems...

Duncan Gillies MacLaurin
Expanding Notes

Fiona Sinclair
Church Shop

Diana Brodie
Speaking of Heaven

J. D. Heskin
My Imagination Tells Me

Jane Røken
Rebel Angels
Triple-Stranded Fairytale Triptych
Swiss Army Knife

Allen Weber
Acquired Taste

Colin Will
After the Break

David Callin

Hassan Abdulrazzak
The First Wife


Kendra Saunders
Sense of Encouragement

Lauren Tivey
The Cottage

Alexine Aschler
My Grandmother Says You

L. Fullington
Riddles are to be Answered

Grace Andreacchi
Elegy for a Pair of White Gloves

Helen Addy
Gauguins in a Honolulu Gallery

Matthew Smith
Counting Down the Beeps

Nigel Holt
Old Man's Lovesong

and Bruce Bentzman, no longer suburban, offers his latest essay From the Night Factory

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