logo    February 2012
   Number 184


Life Choices
found by Nick Coleman

Almost everyone feels movement.
found by Suzanne DeGrasse

found by Joanna Grigg

Sex & Nudity, Violence & Gore
found by Steven Kotok

Here Are Ponds
found by Anne-Marie Levine

Engagement Ideas
found by Valerie Loveland

Punctuated Browse
found by Meg V. Meg

Giraffes are more devious than you might think
found by Dan Raphael
Seven Reasons Not to
Underestimate Simple Cells

found by Mark Rutter

TV Dinner Anger Management
found by Daniel M. Shapiro

Sidewalk Rage
found by Sarah J. Sloat

Found Haiku
found by Karen Sucharski

Thy Hairful Symmetry, or, I’m Not Only the Emperor of Hair Club, I’m Also a Member
found by David Weinstock

Making the Male Die
found by Loring Wirbel

found by Nethery Wylie

Find Jessy Randall here.
found image
The images in this issue were found and photographed by David Graham

and Bruce Bentzman delivers his latest output From the Night Factory

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