logo    March/April 2012
   Number 185
An Eclectic Mix in a Bumper Double Number
David Callin
A Good New Fishing Rod
Charlie Chan and his Contribution to Racial Harmony in America

Alison Brackenbury

The Path's End
November Began


Austin McCarron
Modern Conspiracies

Duncan Gillies MacLaurin
Futures Unknown

Sonia Hendy-Isaac

L. Fullington
Life Laughing

Tess Jolly
A Game of Cards

Michael Loughran
The Class Clown

D. A. Prince
Steve Klepetar
Telling Stories in the Snow

snakes and ladders

Emma Goodsell

An Example of a Desired Thing

Tom Kelly

Another Mistake

Seth Crook
Get to Bole
The Mull Wind
Wet Morning on Mull Pier
The Nationalist Poet

Timothy Ogene
Snacking on Ants

Colin Campbell Robinson

Chris Hardy
To Sleep

Bruce Harris

The Perce
Seventies Staffroom

Ken Head
Taking a View
Soft Machine
Permanent Ways

Thomas Land

Fiona Sinclair
Inherited Friend

and Bruce Bentzman delivers his latest output From the Night Factory

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