logo    May 2013
   Number 196
   Short Poems Special
David Whippman
Old Coin
Triolet to a Perceptive Girl

Mary Dawson
Wedding Vows

Rob Stuart

Philosopher Clerihews
Two Double Amphibrachs
for the Arab Spring

Jerome Betts

Vacation's End

Jane Røken

Shadwell Smith

Well Bless My Soul
The Cholmondeley Sisters
Miriam and marsha Kevin Saving
Two Different Men

James B. Nicola


L. Fullington
Inanimate Objects

George Fripley
Handsome Strangers

Sally Long
Putting on a Coat

Susan de Sola
Cellar Door

Thomas Land


Tom Vaughan
After a Poetry Reading

and Bruce Bentzman delivers his latest output From the Night Factory

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