logo    June 2013
   Number 197
Tristan Moss
After an Affair

Mary Dawson
The Radical Road

Megan Watkins
The Door Ajar

Seth Braver
Harvester B

George Fripley
Learning to Ride

Bridget Khursheed
Structural Maintenance Procedures
for Cemeteries

This is the Weather

Fiona Sinclair
About Your Mother's Face
Earning the Housekeeping

Tess Joyce

Robert Nisbet
The Fishingboat Venus

Gill McEvoy
Climate Change

L. Fullington
Labyrinth of Choices

Dervla Ramaswamy
The Kindness of Jimmy Savile

George Stanworth
Three Short Poems

and Bruce Bentzman delivers his latest output From the Night Factory

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