logo    November 2013
   Number 202
   The Book Fair
Maryann Corbett
Credo for the Checkout Line in Winter

Alison Brackenbury

Steve Klepetar
Speaking to the Field Mice

Jessy Randall
Injecting Dreams into Cows

Gill McEvoy

Barbara Lydecker Crane

Ken Head
Prospero's Bowl

Fiona Sinclair

Lynn Fullington
Years of Extinction

Ralph La Rosa
Sonnet Stanzas

Csilla Toldy
 Red Roots - Orange Sky

Frank Osen
Virtue, Big as Sin
Rose Kelleher
Native Species

Susan de Sola and Clive Watkins
Little Blue Man

Duncan Gillies MacLaurin
From Moonrise till Dawn


and Bruce Bentzman delivers his latest output From the Night Factory

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