logo  August 2014
 Number 209

Neil Fulwood

Sue Millard
Sex at Sixty

Jerome Betts
Safari So Good
Anti-Rain Charm for the Island

Laura McKee
in secondary modern you had perfect skin

Steve Klepetar
Cat's Hour

Robert Nisbet
Town House

Tristan Moss
An Automatic Door
D. A. Prince
Like They Do in the Stories

Kevin Saving

Count No Man Happy

Miklós Radnóti
Dreams of Love

Roderick Manson

November Caterpillars

L. Fullington

And all this time

Ann Drysdale

William Stephenson

A Song of Ice and Lemon
Waiting at the Gym
Jane Røken
Little Green Song of
the Great God Pan

Wild Strawberry Song


and Bruce Bentzman offers his latest output From the Night Factory

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