November 2014 : Number 212 

J. D. Heskin
Ralph Waldo Emerson's Umbrella

Annie Fisher
Five Boys

Jonathan Totman
Tending the Garden
The Cue

Michael Rush
English Channel Surfing

Jean L. Kreiling
Reading 'Le Figaro'

Jerome Betts
Visiting Day
Monumental Cover-Up

Susan Castillo

Ann Keith
This Idol and its Shrine

Melanie Branton

Elaine Speakman

First and Last Date
The Notice on the Toilet Wall

David Whippman
Edited Highlights

Marcus Bales
Elegy in a City Bedroom
On the Bus

Fiona Sinclair
The Reluctant Bride and Groom
The Visitor

Daniel Galef
Gedankenexperiment Love Song
Be Someone Else for a Change

Thomas Land
Life Insurance

and Bruce Bentzman offers his latest output From the Night Factory

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