Snakeskin 227 : March 2016

mistle thrush
Alison Brackenbury
The Mistle Thrush
Listening to Wives and Daughters

Elise Hempel
The Chicken Pox, November
I See So Many

Nicky Philips
While You Rest
Hampstead Heath Speaks
Sitting Next to John Cage

Brian Allgar
Time Heals All
If the Shoe Fits

David Francis

Martin Choules
Halal Hammer

Robert Nisbet

Robin Helweg-Larsen
Islam in Saudi Arabia
Sex and Power

Nancy Charley

Oiling Palms

Marc Carver
Only Me

Robert West
Spare Time

George Simmers

Steve Klepetar
Roof to Roof

Tristan Moss
The Late, Great Reverend
Gary Davis

Fiona Sinclair
Last Respects
Leaving Highwood
A special feature this month:

Reading for Rush Hour
a chapbook of poems by Thomas Land
(this is a .pdf file)

And Bruce Bentzman spends an evening at the opera

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