Snakeskin 241 - June 2017

Sharon Phillips
On an Encounter in
Wimborne Minster Church

The Perseids

George Simmers
That Poem

Annie Fisher
Spring Cleaning the Music Room
Concerto for Birdsong and Orchestra

Robin Helweg-Larsen
Antikithera Mechanism

Hannah Stone
Shaming of Parts

Ann Howells
To a Cockroach

Pat Anthony
The Fly Sticks in my Mind

Nicky Phillips
East Coast Main Line
Something I should have
said when we first met

Dervla Ramaswamy
from The Cameroniad

György Faludy
Monologue on Life and Death

Barbara Cathcart
Her Kitchen

Robert Nisbet
Old Maps, Wise Things

Fiona Sinclair

S.O. Fasrus
Quite an Undertaking

Jerome Betts
The Erg and I

and Bruce Bentzman says goodbye to the U.S.A.

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