Snakeskin 253 - August / September 2018

Tom Vaughan
Travelling Homeward
The Wall

Maryann Corbett
Spirit Masters
Encounter at Pilates

Nicky Phillips
Dear Marion

Kelli Simpson

Diane Elayne Dees
The Anatomy of Depression

Yakov Azriel
Letting Go

D.A. Prince

Jerome Betts
The Gate

Stephen Bone
Three Flowers

Robin Helweg-Larsen
Ton of Feathers

Holly Day
Feet Skipping up the Stairs

Nikoo Pajoom
Hurt Me into Poetry

Andrea Bowd
Mark Ryan Smith
Security has been Tightened Accordingly

Mindy Watson
Burning Wicks

Daniel Galef
Psammetichus and Parmenides

Fiona Sinclair
Retail Therapy
My Father Was

James Hamby
London 1890

Valerie Titus
The Long Hot Summer

Joseph Conlon
Scandal at Camberley


and Bruce Bentzman shares his memories of  Barbara.

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