Snakeskin 263 : July/August 2019


chess pieces

K.M. Payne

Homage to Caissa

Duncan Gillies Maclaurin
The Psychology of Chess

Jerome Betts
Lines for a Labrador

Tom Vaughan
A Moment Later

The Film I'd Like to Make

D.A. Prince

Aldeburgh Marshes

Peter Wyton
Arnica for the Ego

David Callin
Guitar Lesson

E.A.M. Harris
Early Morning: A Very Short Stay in the Unknown
Garden Open for Charity

Robin Helweg-Larsen
And Then You Die
Rachel Burns
Prison Tea Bar
Visiting Time

Jane Blanchard

Glen Hubbard


Alex Corrin-Tachibana
'Hawaiian Wedding Song'
Looking Up

Daniel Galef
The Nautilus-Shell Goblet to Holofernes

David Galef
Early Days of the Apocalypse

Gill McEvoy
My Mother Refuses to Speak the Language of the Modern Coffee Shop


Bruce Bentzman

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