January 2020 : Snakeskin 268

David Callin
First Lessons in Wendish

Clive Donovan
My First Funeral

Pamela Sumners
The Ladykillers are Somewhat Overrated

Jane Blanchard
On the Board

Martin Parker
School Photograph

Patrick Wright
From the Whalers Sketchbook

Sarah Barr
Unforbidden Pleasures
On the Bus

James Dempsey
What the Hospice Returned

D. A. Prince
The Fox
Boxing Day

Ceinwen Haydon
hard truths soft drink
Seasoned Lovers

Fiona Sinclair
At the Funeral

Karen Petersen
Matthew Brady's Greenhouse

Randal Burd

Steve Klepetar
Singing My Praises
Tom Vaughan
Hannah Schalit, 1924-2019
Outside the Box

Alex Corrin-Tachebana
Workshop, Staten Island style

from the regentesses


Bruce Bentzman

meets a diplodocus

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