Songs for an Impossible Musical #6

Elegant Jessica gazes into the eyes of crass and violent Kevin. They sing:


Jessica He's a lout and underbred
Kevin She's without an ounce of cred
Jessica But I love him
Kevin But I love her
Jessica He is yobbish and he's vile
Kevin She's a snob who's got no style
Both But I love her/him
Yes I love her/him
Jessica He is vicious with no brain
Kevin She's no dish and fairly plain
But I think I should explain
How I feel
Though you don't know how to groove
JessicaThough my ma would not approve
BothOh the ache in my heart is real

Kevin When you chatter you are dull
Jessica You are tattooed with a skull
Kevin But I love you
Jessica But I love you
Kevin You are not a centrefold
Jessica You are grossly overbold
Both But I love you
Yes I love you
Kevin You are thunderingly posh
Jessica Maybe one day you will wash
You are not my type but gosh
I'm on fire
You are common, you are thick
Kevin You're the sort that makes me sick
BothBut you're all that I desire

George Simmers

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Songs for an Impossible Musical.

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