Jan Harris

Jessy Randall
Helena Nelson

Chris O'Carroll

Ethan Taylor

Dawn Corrigan

Jerome Betts

LindaAnn Loschiavo

Robert Nisbet

Susan Jordan
S. Black

Thomas Land

D. A. Prince

Claire Walker

Jane Røken
Andrea Bowd

Jane Blanchard

Tristan Moss

Juliet Antill

Duncan Gillies MacLaurin
Annie Fisher

Sally Long

Ed Shacklee

Susan de Sola

Tom Vaughan

Fiona Sinclair

Sara Norja

Ann Keith

Mandy Macdonald

Mary Gilonne

Snakeskin No.217
April 2015

A special issue, in which thirty poets offer you short measure...

Editor: George Simmers

and Bruce Bentzman offers his latest output From the Night Factory

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