Songs for an Impossible Musical #7

The entire cast hurl away their disguises, stand in line and begin to sing:

The First-Act Finale

Now the evening is dragging; yes, the plot is in a mess,
And though you take a certain pleasure in the characters' distress,
The acting is so obvious; the dialogue's a bore
And you're probably in two minds whether you will stay for more.

But now you have a sense the intermission's on its way
When you can slurp an ice-cream or sip lukewarm cabernet,
Yak about the state of theatre as though you really care,
And bitch about the actresses, their figures and their hair,

And the actor who the tabloids caught canoodling with a prince,
(But then he shacked up with a bishop, and he hasn't looked back since).
So it's a very happy moment when you know that after all,
To resentful forced applause the first-act curtain's going to fall
It's going to fall
It's going to fall
It's going to fall
And that's all

For now...

George Simmers

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