Songs for an Impossible Musical #9

Norman sits in his armchair , gazing out at the garden, and croons comfortably:

The Cloudy Day Song

This year ferocious summer sun
Roasted every afternoon,
And splashing children thought it fun,
And blackberries came on too soon
But now they've dropped away
And it's a cloudy day.

It's a cloudy day now, and a gentler light
Brings richer colours to the field
When shadow-edges lose their bite
And subtler patterns are revealed.
Yes, it's a cloudy day
And I am going grey.

I am going grey now, and the heat of youth
Has moderated comfortably.
Though I'm no nearer to the truth,
I'm easier with the world I see.
Yes, I am going grey
And it's a cloudy day.

George Simmers

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