Songs for an Impossible Musical #10

Waving her legal documents proudly, Juanita bounds out of the courtroom and begins to sing.

Juanita's Song

When the big gates clang behind you
And the future opens wide -
That's the instant when you find you
Have a secret hard to hide
And you're buoyant as a bride

But this is just the start of
Freedom's helter-skelter spree
And soon you're at the heart of
Effervescent ecstasy
(Or that's how it seems to be)

And the secret that's within you
Yells it has to be let out
Until with a loopy grin you
Hear your own voice start to shout
Without a qualm, without a doubt:

"Listen, idiots, listen!
Now my divorce is through,
And silver linings glisten
Though the clouds come thick as glue
And the sky's more black than blue

"Listen, let me tell you
That the cost of married life
Is pricier than hell - you
Should get yourself a knife
If you'd play at man and wife

"For the cost of being single
Is a price that can be paid,
But what's forked out for a ring'll
Be a more than dubious trade--
So let Mrs stay a Maid.  

"But sing hooray! I'm out now,
And I've got the roving itch.
I know what life's about now
And I know that life is rich
And I'm going to be
So flash and free
I'm going to see
The panoply
Of all existence holds for me
I'm going to be the epitome
Of utter happy BITCH!"

This month's song was jointly composed (alternate line by alternate line) by:

George Simmers and Helena Nelson

If you've any reflections, criticisms or comments, either or both of George Simmers and Helena Nelson would be pleased to hear from you.

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Songs for an Impossible Musical.