Songs for an Impossible Musical #11

The show approaches its end; the heroine is in despair, but must summon all her courage to sing a big ballad of hope and inspiration. Traditionally in a musical, this is called:

The Eleven o'Clock Number

It's eleven o'clock
And the world's at its worst
Life's gone wrong.
So this is the moment
When I know that I must burst
Into glorious tumultuous song.

It's eleven fifteen
And the worst is getting worse
All the while,
So don't display amazement
But I must belt out this verse
With a huge and courageous smile.

For the musical's conventions
All require that I should sing
With a trust in the future
And the love that it'll bring.
For though people may be callous
And their motives may be dirty
Still I sing out with a smile,
Though it's now eleven thirty

It's eleven forty-five
And I really have no choice
I can't cope.
But I'm in a musical
So I'll belt it out full voice
That I have feelgood fabulous hope.

And though the midnight hour approaches
I'm sure all will turn out well,
And I shall never walk alone and
Things are gonna come up roses and

Oh hell. It's happened.

George Simmers

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Songs for an Impossible Musical.